No, that blog title wasn’t a pick up line, but it is the topic of this week’s blog post!

Let me tell you what I did a couple of weeks ago that completely caught me off guard.

I was driving along, minding my own business, and I took the wrong exit. Look, now I know I am directionally challenged. However, this was like COMPLETELY wrong. I was on a familiar route that I travel on all the time, I wasn’t distracted while driving, and I could normally do that route in my sleep.

In the midst of me busting a few U-turns and telling Siri to route me back, I stopped.

What just happened? What was I doing?

That’s when I realized something: I was running on autopilot.

By noon, my day was already packed. Before I grabbed lunch, I had volunteered at an event, hosted 3 impromptu conference calls with clients and potential clients and edited a video – and I still had two webinars to assist with for a client.

Now I’m not telling you this so I can pull the #ImBusy card because you are too. I know the people who resonate with my blog posts. Ya’ll are some movers and shakers! But, one thing that I’ve noticed my entire life is that there will always be a sign when you need to stop, breathe, and be present for a second.

Instead of hopping on the computer when I got home, I immediately busted out my yoga mat – yep, still in my business casual attire. I only had 5 minutes, but I had to take it to just breathe.

Sometime this week, ask yourself: am I really engaged or am I on autopilot? It doesn’t mean that everything is going to change or that you can go get a massage in the middle of the day. However, recognizing your sign(s) is an introspective approach to seeing your own blindspots and ultimately accomplishing the “to-do list.” I mean, who else knows you better than YOU?

There may have been mini red flags that have popped up and have been ignored. Your job is to make sure you recognize them and act accordingly…hopefully before you take a wrong turn.


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