Almost 30 years ago, the successful (and somewhat controversial) R&B group, New Edition released a powerhouse hit from their fifth studio album. The year was 1988 and the song was entitled, “Can You Stand the Rain.” Produced by legendary Grammy Award winning production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (Prince, Janet Jackson, Spice Girls, Yolanda Adams), the single soared to #1 on Billboard’s R&B Singles Chart.

The song became a staple for male groups desiring to showcase their harmonious chops, including Boyz II Men and contestants on Diddy’s hit show Making the Band. If you watched the BET Awards last week, you got a chance to re-live the group’s legendary catalog during the presentation tribute of their Lifetime Achievement Award.

The lyrics to “Can You Stand The Rain” pose a simple question to each group member’s love interest with the following chorus:

Sunny days, everybody loves them

Tell me baby can you stand the rain?

Storms will come

This we know for sure

Can you stand the rain?

This weekend, I received some really terrible news about a friend of mine. I neglected to even write about it because I do my best to keep everything motivational. However, I couldn’t be authentic or realistic if I didn’t remind you that everything in life doesn’t go perfectly.

While I was processing the news in my quiet time, the weather was going a little haywire. We have had storms on and off all weekend long in Nashville. I thank God that He saw fit to download inspiration and revelation in my spirit, even in the midst of the tragedy.

What NE eluded to in their lyrics and what the weather showed me all weekend long, is that there are going to be showers and even storms in our lives. Days may start of really sunny, and toward midafternoon – the heavens will open up. This can come in the form of terrible news, unexpected expenses, a heartbreak, a lost job, etc. Sometimes it’s a sprinkle and sometimes it’s a downpour. However, our job isn’t to avoid the elements by attempting to stay dry, but it’s to ensure that we have everything we need to weather the storm.

This may include taking cover in the form of friend, family member, confidante, or prayer partner. It may mean having an emergency finance stash, similar to how you stow an umbrella in the car – you know, just in case. I’m not sure exactly what it means to you. However, know that seasons will change and it will be sunny again.

Oh, and when things get really tough – look for the rainbow on the other side of the storm and be reminded that God always fulfills his promises to us.

Press on my friends,


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