Think Ahead, Plan Ahead

Many moons ago, I sat as a sophomore in high school in my Driver’s Ed class. Now, not to toot my own horn (pun intended), but I was a BEAST at Driver’s Ed! You see, my big sister had been letting my roll in the driver’s seat of her Ford ZX2 since I was 12 or 13 and let’s just say I was “well prepared” when they put me behind the wheel for my permit exam.

I don’t remember my instructor’s name, or quite frankly, what he even looked like. But, what I do remember is that he would always say one thing: Think Ahead, Plan Ahead.

I’m sure after years of risking his life at the hands of brace faced teenagers, he had to develop some slogan to keep the focus of his students – wouldn’t you agree? He drilled that line into us over and over again: Think Ahead, Plan Ahead

With one line, he encouraged us not only to look at what was in front of us, but to anticipate any type of incident that could potentially have an impact on our route: kids running into the middle of the street, receiving a phone call on our (Nokia) cell phones, our friends talking in the back seats – you know, anything.

Although intended for Driver’s Ed, the same slogan can be applied to our everyday “route” of life. Here’s what it may look like in different scenarios:

At your jobanticipate what your supervisor needs before he or she asks for it

At your schoolrun through the syllabus of your class before the teacher does on the first day

In leadershipget an idea of your subordinates’ goals and schedule 1:1 meetings with them to be sure your tasks align with their vision of themselves

In relationshipsdo something nice that you know your friend and/or significant other may need but won’t ask for

In your self careschedule your doctor, massage, nail, hair appointments before you get “past due” and too busy

In your faithset aside a designated, undistracted time to be still and hear God’s voice regarding your purpose. (I wrote a guest blog post for The Overflow about that if you need help! )

By simply thinking ahead, we can plan accordingly and avoid a lot of missteps along the way – isn’t that something? Know that there will be plenty of unplanned incidents that impact us on our routes, but the fact that we are staying ahead of the game can potentially make our detours a lot shorter.

That’s all for now – be good to yourself this week!

Oh, I have a few speaking gigs coming up that I would love to see you at if you can make it! Feel free to check them out below. More details to come…actually, a lot more details to come 🙂










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