The video called me out on all my excuses.

I recently watched a YouTube video about social media. I used to watch a lot of videos when I started in digital marketing almost 6 years ago because I didn’t know much about it and I felt so behind. Your girl was on every training video, module, webinar…you name it! I was just trying to learn all I could, implement the practices, and repeat the process.

This video in particular was talking about Instagram, but the next video that auto played discussed the work that it takes to push your brand online. The reason that video jolted me was because it mentioned a lot of the people who try one thing for a month, see no growth, and quit. Maybe they even try something for a year, see limited progress and give up. I started think back in my career to when I didn’t have the equipment, software, and tools that I have now. Back then, I was trying to learn how to make a tweet be impactful when its lifespan was only 18 minutes, Instagram wasn’t poppin’ yet, social cam was all the rave, and Facebook ads weren’t as smart as they are now. When I started sending out emails every week, I tried so many different styles and topics before I found what worked for us (you may even remember some of them).

I only had an HP laptop, an iPhone 4, and windows movie maker. I thought to myself, “How am I supposed to thrive in this online world when I don’t have ‘proper equipment?'” I finally purchased an open box camera for $300 from Best Buy to record vlogs videos and film for other people. I had to record most of my videos in the daytime because I didn’t have lighting and my floor lamp left this yellow tinge on my videos. It seemed like a struggle at the time, but every time I felt that I needed something new that I couldn’t afford, I said this to myself: YOU’VE DONE MORE WITH LESS. KEEP GOING.

After watching the video, I started to think: Girl, you’re spoiled. Go back to when you had less.

Go back to when you didn’t know as much as you know now, so you inhaled everything. Go back to when you had to give yourself a pep talk to walk into work with a smile. Go back to what you said you were going to do in the interview, in school, or the prayer you whispered when your back was up against the wall.

I flash backed to when I had a roommate and we both purchased new furniture and worked our butts off to pay it off before the APR kicked in. I thought about when I worked at the gym and had to be there at 4:45am, so I had to make sure my posts were prescheduled in order to make my shift. I went back to researching, analytics checking, and video watching.

If you made it to this part of the blog, I want you to ask yourself this question: are you still as hungry as you were when you first started to pursue your purpose in life? Before you had any clients, before you were putting points on the board at work, before you lost weight, before you had your tribe of supporters, before anyone even recognized who you were…are you still that hungry?

I say this all the time, but I want to make sure that you hear me loud and clear: YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS LIFE YOURS.

Don’t wait to start living. You know more now than you ever have before. Work strategically so the wins you achieve can be even more major. I’m not talking about doing more work, I’m talking about doing smarter work.

Remember, it wasn’t always like this. Let’s continue to do more with less and operate from a place of gratitude until our next level arrives.

I’ll see you next week.


Hi, I'm Vannesia. I quit my job in 2016 because I knew I was purposed for more than tweeting. Now, I get to encourage creatives and entrepreneurs while helping them use what they have to level up in their life and business. Be careful, signing up to receive my messages may cause you to start believing in yourself. Only click the button if you're about that life.

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