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I’m all for speaking life and encouraging others, and that includes dishing out some good ol’ fashion TOUGH love. However, it starts at home first. It’s very easy to point out what other people aren’t doing. But, here’s the reality – you can’t control anyone but yourself. Now, this is not a new phenomenon, but I have to remind myself of this often. I’ve learned that being fully accountable takes tons of energy – and when done right, you tend to never have a lot of energy left over to worry about what others are doing or are not doing. Now, I don’t completely have this down, but I’ve been doing my best to intentionally worry about me first, before I point fingers at other people for why I’m not reaching my goals. I’ll give you an example:

Last year, I felt that I was working out a lot, but I wasn’t seeing any increase in my strength or endurance. Every time I stepped in the gym, it felt like Day 1 all over again! I decided to ask the greeter at the gym to run a report of how many times I was coming to the facility. “I’m spending all this time at the gym and nothing is happening,” I thought to myself as I approached the counter, “Excuse me, would you mind pulling my scan report for the last 2 months?”

When she gracefully handed me my print out, I quickly noticed why I was still feeling weak: I wasn’t at the gym as much as I thought I was.

The report showed that I checked in sporadically and the time stamps clearly indicated that I was all over the place with my workouts. Ya’ll…I was shocked! No for real, shocked. I felt so busy! However, that day I was reminded that there is a vast difference between busy and productive. Sure I came and checked in, but I wasn’t intentional in my workouts, I lacked consistency, and the discipline was barely there. I couldn’t argue with the numbers – it was all there in black and white.

A very popular slang term has surfaced amongst the Millennial culture called “receipts.” When you really want to prove that someone may not be telling the truth or when someone is accurately describing a person (often times describing what the other person is in denial about), you encourage them to prove their point by requesting they READ THE RECEIPTS. Just like a proof of purchase, receipts act as evidence to support or prove a case.

Similar to my scan report from the gym, I’m encouraging you this week to READ YOUR OWN RECEIPTS. Run a tangible account on your effort and see how much you are really putting in on those goals you have.  Either way is okay, you can’t change the past. But, you can control what you do from here on out.

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PS – I ran my scan report on June 21st for last month and saw I had clocked in 15 times that month, consistently in the morning and even some evening classes. The numbers don’t lie! ??

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