Have you ever heard of the term, “Gas me up?” According to Urban Dictionary, it was first penned by the modern day philosopher, Drake. Where it originated from is not important, but amongst my circle of friends, we use that term to compliment and overwhelmingly encourage one another.

Now, I said overwhelmingly encourage for a reason. When we give compliments, we lay it on heavy.

For example, we don’t say things like, You look good today.”

Instead, we say, “Yaaaaas, sis! Give us those legs! Come through and slay!”

You see the difference? GasolineFuel.

But, one thing that we also make note of is that we use PREMIUM GAS. We don’t do Unleaded, we don’t do Unleaded Plus. PREMIUM ONLY.

PREMIUM GAS means there are no half compliments…if you are giving a compliment, you need to come with it.

The funny thing is, this Premium Gas Philosophy has slowly trickled into my every day life. I love giving compliments, but because I’m surrounded by so much PREMIUM GASOLINE, I love to gas other people up. It’s all true and it’s all free.

I want to encourage you today to not only gas yourself up, but to gas other people up…including strangers! Tell the cashier at the grocery store her makeup looks DOPE. Let your friend know their weight loss efforts are paying OFF. Whatever you do, be genuine and lay it on thick!

By watching their reaction, you’ll immediately see how you can transfer some confidence. It’ll be utterly amazing and it may even make you feel warm and fuzzy too.

Let me know how Operation: Premium Gas ONLY goes!


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  1. Yaaaaasss I needed this perfectly worded motivational blog post on this good Monday. I’m gonna go out in the world and continue to gas people all the way up!!!

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  3. […] you remember my blog #PremiumGasOnly, you know that I have groups of really awesome friends that reciprocate encouragement, love, and […]

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