Can you believe 2018 is almost 50% complete? We’re already in the second quarter of the year, “sprummer” is upon us (because this weather is playing all types of games, I’m not sure if it’s Spring or Summer), and it’s May 6th…MAY 6th!

Any who, I wanted to bring you a quick blog post after I read a quote involving my most favorite meal: breakfast.

The author of the quote wasn’t cited, but it went a little something like this:

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”

It’s been quoted in books and rephrased multiple times, but the premise is simple: sometimes you have to disturb the current state of something in order to maximize the potential and purpose of what it could be.

As I think back through decisions I’ve made in my career and life overall, I realize that many of them required me to let go of something before I grasped something greater. Now, I’m not saying I had to let every dream die and just “go with the flow.” On the contrary, I learned to broaden my scope of what the manifested dream could potentially be; allowing me to release the boxed in version of it.

As a self proclaimed “Type A – Creative” person, releasing my idea of what my dreams should look like was extremely difficult. However, I’ve learned that if something is meant for you, it is meant for you.Even if you let it go, God will see fit to return it to you in some form.

And that’s not a cliche!

I mean seriously, think about your own life. Can’t you literally trace back to the sacrifices you made in your past that added to you being the flavorful and colorful delicacy that you are today? Don’t ever be afraid to plot twist and release some yokes in the process.

Plus, we both know omelettes are delicious. You never know how tasty of a future you could be missing out on because you won’t crack a few eggs.


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