A digital marketer telling you that you don’t need followers? Yeah right! Seriously, hear me out.

I’m not saying you NEVER need followers or a marketing plan or a business plan. But none of that can substitute for what you truly must have: DISCIPLINE

I had so much to say about this topic that I just recorded a video. For those of us who are Facebook friends and share social media experiences, you know that I dropped this video on Saturday. I hope it resonated with you, and if so please share, leave a comment, or inbox me! May is here and summer is around the corner. Don’t lighten up, tighten up!


Hi, I'm Vannesia. I quit my job in 2016 because I knew I was purposed for more than tweeting. Now, I get to encourage creatives and entrepreneurs while helping them use what they have to level up in their life and business. Be careful, signing up to receive my messages may cause you to start believing in yourself. Only click the button if you're about that life.

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