Now, you know I had to post one more time in 2017!

We’re going into a brand new year in a few hours, an opportunity most people take to renew their motivation and rejuvenate their tenacity. Luckily for you and I…we’ve been putting muscle behind our hustle all year long (see what I did there?).

If I know you like I think I know you, “Your List” has been made (and you’re probably already working on it). However, there may be some days where merely seeing your goals won’t be good enough.

That’s why having a good mantra is vital. You can repeat it in your head on those days that the going gets tough and you need to be reminded of your motivation behind your list and the results you want to yield. Your mantra can be a quote, a scripture, or something you’ve created.

If you haven’t already, scribble a mantra at the bottom of your list or even put it as a note in your phone. Let it reflect the attitude you want to be reminded of in 2018. I’m sharing one of mine below:

“Never worry about what you’re going to get, just show ‘em what you’ve got”
– Cory Hardrict (via Clint Eastwood)

Remember, everything you desire to accomplish personally and professionally can happen. Whenever you need an extra push, come on over to MOXIE Land and we’ll take care of you.

I want to thank you! Thank you for trusting me to be me in YOUR world this year. I don’t take your subscription lightly – let alone your time and attention. You have truly made 2017 special for me and from the bottom of my heart, I’m so grateful that you’re here.

Enjoy your last day of the year, and remember there’s so much purpose inside of you that we need. Walk in to 2018 full of moxie like the BOSS that you are – I’ll see you next year!

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