Last week, I shared a nugget that my mom told me in high school: “If you were mediocre, you wouldn’t have this problem.” In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought I’d drop a few other gems that she has shared with me along this thing called life. Some are from her own experiences and others have been passed down from my Grandmother. I’m warning you now, both my parents were raised in the Bible Belt, so some of them may sound a little southern (hence why I continually used the word “Y’all” while I was growing up in California). Therefore, I’ve included translations as well:

“Every shut eye ain’t sleep”

Translation: Don’t say anything you don’t want repeated, especially by someone who you think isn’t listening. Often times, someone knows someone who knows someone who knows who you’re talking about. Walls have ears, so be in a safe place if you’re discussing a “hot topic” and never talk negatively about others.

“Always pay your tithes and taxes and maintain good credit”

Translation: This is pretty self-explanatory. Cash flow is important, but so is purchasing power. My Mom taught me early on not to cheat God or Uncle Sam!

“When you leave a place, leave right”

Translation: Don’t burn bridges, you never know when you’ll have to cross them again. This week, I visited my old job and was greeted with open arms and warm smiles from my former co-workers. Not only that, but many informed me that they love my blogs/vlogs and how they believe my content is an extension of who I always was – WOW, never expected that! You don’t always have to drop the mic and storm out. When you’re ready to turn the page, let people know you appreciate their chapter in your story.

“Everybody’s chitlins (chitterlings) ain’t clean”

Translation: I’m not exactly sure…but it makes sense in the moment! But seriously, my Mom always makes a pot of chitterlings during Christmas or Thanksgiving. For those of you who don’t know what those are – it’s a pork “delicacy” that holds an extremely acquired taste. The point is, you can’t eat everyone’s chitterlings because they must be cleaned REALLY well. It can take a couple of days to get them really clean if you’re doing it right. Typically, when my Mom says this – it’s a warning for me take precaution when she sees me entertaining the company of others that she is not completely sold on. This saying also arises when she gets a feeling that something about a situation is sketchy.

My Mom was always a tough cookie, but I couldn’t have raised her any better. She never thinks I’m listening, continually calls me hard headed, but still invites me to bring my laundry over when I visit (an offer I gladly take her up on). Cheers to my Mommy subscribers – but especially My Mom! You’re the real MVP.

Make sure you shoutout your Mom on Mother’s Day!


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