Sometimes my Spotify playlist gets me all the way together.

I’m an early riser on most days. Shutting off alarms at 5am, 6am, or 7am doesn’t scare the kid. However, even when I’m up, I’m not always active. Today was one of those days.

As I rolled out of bed to begin my morning routine, I opened my Spotify app and “The Resolution – Stay Ready” mixtape by Dr. Eric Thomas was cued. You all remember ET, right? I blogged about his TGIM video “The Only Way I Eat” here.

He said something that got me HYPED UP:

Do you realize where you would be if you executed on everything you said you were going to do at the end of December?

Tomorrow is June 1. That marks the halfway point of 2017.

Now, don’t get pushed into a mad anxiety dash. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right here, right now. Either pat yourself on the back or realize you have 6 months left to execute in this year and welcome the opportunity with a smile (because we ain’t never scared). Whichever side of the spectrum you find yourself on is totally fine, just be honest.

Did you hit send?
Did you enroll yet?
Do you need to adjust?
Do you need to ask for help?
How are those resolutions looking?
Do you need to incorporate some R&R into your goals?


If you’re like me and your resolution consisted of anything gym related, join me in getting that $1.50 Baskin Robbins scoop today (don’t act like you don’t know about the Celebrate 31 Promo) and then let’s get back at it.

Reminder: If you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready.


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