What if I told you that everything you’ve experienced in your life was 100% necessary for you – would you believe it?

My birthday is tomorrow (I’m accepting all gifts, greetings, lunches, dinners, cakes, clothes and money without shame – let me know if you need to know my sizes!). Birthdays always breed a time of reflection and bench marking.

As I started thinking about some irons I currently have in the fire, I became a little concerned about them. I started talking and writing in my journal to God (because that’s what I do when something is bothering me) and I didn’t even notice that my tone was similar to how I speak to people in a business meeting:

“Okay God, so you know we have this coming up. I’m going to need some inspiration here. You haven’t given me an update on where we’re at with this, so I can’t move forward until you give me the green light. I’m not too sure if this is going to work out, so could you intervene there? I would really appreciate it.”

Now, faith has always been a big part of my life and not just because I’m a preacher’s kid. It has anchored who I am and has been the guiding light when navigating through some really murky waters in my life. It wasn’t always like this, but I’m thankful to have developed a relationship with Christ, anchored in love. I’ve been trying this new thing in my prayer life where I actually WAIT for Him to respond, and this time He did with such a quickness:

“Your prayer isn’t a wish list”

And that’s when I kind of froze – I mean, what else are you going to do when God completely and utterly reads you your rights? He allowed me to go back in my mind and see how He has provided, created, and placed other people in position to celebrate, help and push me. I reflected on the changes that have taken place over the last few years – even down to how I now spend my birthdays celebrating, rather than working through them because “that’s what you’re supposed to do.” I started to become extremely grateful and humbled, not discounting all the things I brought up to Him earlier, but trusting that He could handle my life at any level.

Maybe you’re not a Christian or you feel like there’s too much mess in your life for God to be real – I get it. I’ve talked to a lot of atheists, agnostics, and people who have been through really tough situations. But, I challenge you to look back over your life and see how every move was orchestrated like a strategic game of chess. Be excited about that because you know that you can be just a couple of moves away from being in a better position on your board of life.

I see now, more than ever, how all of my experiences are essential. The closed doors allowed for creativity to be birthed. The seasonal friendships allowed for independence (the prerequisite of leadership) to be stirred. Challenges allowed for my mind to be stretched – and not to mention, some great blog material.

It’s not always about the to-do lists, the material things, or the relationships with friends, family and partners. I believe in productivity and maximizing potential, but I also am an advocate for enjoying the process. I challenge you to elevate your mind and appreciate what you have now so that you’re better equipped to handle the “more” when you get there.

Like a fine wine, just keep getting better with age. I know I plan to!


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