I once had a co-worker, turned older brother, who would stalk my Instagram page. Although we were close in age, he was at a totally different stage in life. Married with two children, he always referenced what I did on the weekend as a foot loose and fancy free twenty something. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was completely happy with his life and I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. I may have attended a few live music events, tried a new food spot, or made a quick weekend trip to Atlanta/Chicago to see friends. Although I felt like a baby fawn taking its first steps as I attempted to balance work and life back then, he always seemed to compare weekend notes when we got into the office.

Most of my social media platforms are public, so it’s not as if I am hiding anything. As much as I share, I appreciate privacy. No matter what the festivities, I made sure I returned to work on Monday, refreshed with a smile and ready to kick butt on some metrics in my department.

It wouldn’t be long before he strolled in my office mid-morning, making reference to my timeline:

(Bursts into my office)

Co-Worker: “Okay, Nessa!”

Me: “Don’t call me Nessa…and ‘okay’ what?”

Co-Worker: “I saw you across my timeline again this weekend!”

Me: “You’ve GOT to stop stalking my posts and go on a date with your wife”

Co-Worker: “Nah nah, I’m not mad at you! You’re a celebrity on the weekend and back in the office like nothing happened. I SEE YOU!

Me: (eye roll) “I know you can see me, I’m not hiding. Now, close my door…with you on the OTHER side please!”

It became a running joke in the office. Although we no longer work in the same space, whenever I run into him, he always says the same thing: I SEE YOU.

I got to thinking about that phrase. It’s common within the millennial culture and, when used in the correct context, it is very much so a compliment.

Think of it as the modern day, “attagirl” accolade; acknowledgement or recognition rendered when you have respect for another person. It’s the head nod when you walk past someone you don’t know. It’s the golf clap after a hole-in-one. Similar to the “Namaste” greeting in Yoga, it recognizes the work, output, or energy you bring to the table.

Although I know my co-worker was just being nosy and attempting to re-live his early twenties vicariously through my timeline, he subtly let me know that my newly acquired appreciation for work-life-balance was being recognized. He reminded me that someone is always watching, whether they’re attempting to predict your next move or just simply rooting for you in life. I’m glad his was the latter.

Normally I like my blogs to be introspective, but this week I would like for you to find someone you know who is working hard. They might have their head down and nose to the pavement getting things done and may even be on a baby fawn path of their own. Just tap them on the shoulder (figuratively or literally) and let them know, “Hey – keep up the good work. I see you!”


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