Helping Others By Simply Sharing Your Gifts

It’s crazy how meeting new people can really change your perspective about how you share your gifts and your problems in casual conversation with complete strangers. As I write this blog, I’m currently 30,000 feet in the air with good ol’ Southwest airlines. I’m returning from an amazing conference, charged up and excited about life.

While waiting to board my return flight, I met a woman at my gate. I didn’t get a chance to catch her name, but for the purpose of this visualization, we’ll call her Sarah.

Sarah is flying to Nashville – not sure if she had a connecting flight or if she’s originally from Music City. She appeared a bit tired. Her face was alert, but there was no sign of excitement when she approached me. She asked me if this was the correct flight to Nashville – to which I responded, “Yes” with a smile.

She continued by saying, “Okay great, now I can relax a bit.”

You see, Sarah is the mother of five adult children. One of her daughters recently had a new born baby, and they were all coming to visit her next week. This past weekend, she unfortunately buried one of her sons. He was only in his late 30’s and my heart broke for her when she shared this news with me.

She apologized for being a complete stranger and dumping her issues on me. I smiled and said, “It’s fine, girl. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go right now!”

We laughed.

As I listened to Sarah share more about her life, I felt compelled to not only offer my condolences, but to also share some energy with her; however I wasn’t exactly sure what I could do. I just felt obligated to be kind to her. She needed some water and I pointed her in the direction of Starbucks and volunteered to watch her bag. If you could have seen the look of relief on her face, it would have shocked you…haha! All I did was offer to watch her bag, but you would have thought I said I was going to donate a kidney to her.

When she came back, she said “Thank you!” and her face formed a gentle smile before we boarded the plane.

I’m not saying any of this to get a Good Samaritan award – believe me. However, I wanted to share this with you in order to further drive home the fact that your energy, your spirit, your hope, your faith, your #goodvibesonly…well, it’s not just for you.

Helping Others, Even By Accident

I’m appreciative of all the messages I get that say, “Ooh – that blog was dope!” and you know you gas me up when you share my content with your friends on social media and in groupme’s. But, do you want to know the biggest return on investment that you could offer anyone?

It’s simply to share YOUR God-given gift with the world.

Share it even when you’re tired.
Share it when you’re hungry.
Share it even if you feel like others don’t deserve it.
Share it even if nobody pats you on the back.
Share it even if you never see the big financial increase.
Share it even when you’re returning back from a 4-day conference and just want your bed.

It’s what we’re here for.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to “Sarah.” My prayer is that Jesus brings her peace in the midst of everything that is going on and she is surrounded by loving friends and family that console her during this time. If you can, whisper a prayer for her tonight.

Take care of yourself so that you can help others. You never know when you’ll run into a “Sarah” who needs your gift.

Be intentional this week, I’ll be back in your inbox soon. Adios from the friendly skies!


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