Fear is a tricky thing. It can prompt us to take action or even turn away. It can make us run from it or run to it.

But, can I be honest?

In business, I get scared all the time!

Right now I’m in Boise, Idaho at Craft + Commerce, an event hosted by an email software company called Seva (formally known as ConvertKit). I’m surrounded by some of the most brilliant minds from the most various industries.

On Friday, I met a woman who has overcome alcoholism and launched a photography business and blog. Yesterday, I presented a workshop and had everyone in my class from a non profit guru to a lady who created a resource for goat herders (not joking). And today, I met a guy who pivoted his career from sales in radio to doing marketing for his infertility clinic.

Because of these diverse people, I was afraid that my content wouldn’t resonate with them. I was nervous that they wouldn’t be able to envision themselves using some of the organizational behavior tools I bring into my workshops.

But boy, was I wrong.

Not only did they appreciate my unique perspective, but they celebrated it by telling other attendees how much they enjoyed it. They shared my content on social media. They stayed after to ask me questions…and that was awesome.

And no matter how much I have these life changing experiences, I always find that fear somehow finds its way back to me.

Even as recent as today, I was nervous to attempt something else for my business (now that I’m all inspired from this conference). I was using a few friends as a soundingboard to explain something new I wanted to try. They were offering some really good tips, so I told them to let me record the conversation so I could listen back to it later.

As I was listening back, I heard something that I didn’t expect. I heard my fear. It came in the form of dispelling their truths about me by responding with, “Yeah I know, but…” or when they offered an idea and I immediately said, “I don’t think I can do that because….”

Crazy right? FEAR.

While listening to the inflections of frightfulness, I had a reality check: Girl, you know yourself and what you’re here to do. Chill and just do it anyway.

Here’s the thing. Just because you’re operating in your gift or calling doesn’t mean that you don’t have fears. The presence of the former doesn’t mean the absence of the latter. Sometimes, fear is the very thing that helps you to be nudged in the right direction. Recognize it, and acknowledge it, but know that it’s your job to move past it.

So, if you ever hear the tone of terror coming from your own voice regarding something that you know you are put on this earth to do…do me a favor:

Chill and do it anyway.

I’ll see you next week.


Hi, I'm Vannesia. I quit my job in 2016 because I knew I was purposed for more than tweeting. Now, I get to encourage creatives and entrepreneurs while helping them use what they have to level up in their life and business. Be careful, signing up to receive my messages may cause you to start believing in yourself. Only click the button if you're about that life.

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