Ever since I received my Walkman and my Men In Black cassette during Christmas ’97, I’ve had headphones. We’ve upgraded since then (come through Steve Jobs and Bill Gates), but I learned very early that I could drown out a lot of things (or parents) if I turned my music up.

Fast forward to the YouTube BOOM and technology at our fingertips. I discovered motivational videos in college and was introduced to Dr. Eric Thomas, better known as ET The Hip Hop Preacher in 2012 with his viral video “The Secret To Success Part 1.

By far one of the most influential people I’ve never met .

Hundreds of podcasts, playlists, and videos later, and he’s still one of the most played ‘artists’ in my recent tracks. I encourage you to check out this video from his T.G.I.M. series and subscribe to his channel.

Make sure you know what you’re feeding in your ears – even the advice you’re receiving from others. What you hear nurtures you, pushes you, and speaks to you. You unknowingly draw from it when you least expect it.

We have so many opportunities and resources to encourage ourselves – and thank God, because there will be down moments. Trust me, I’m not hype all the time. If you’ve been around me while I’m doing this research paper, I’m not hype ANY of the time (well, when I shut off my computer!). But, in true extrovert fashion, I’ve learned how to borrow from the energy of others.

Take care of YOU and when life gets loud, turn the music up and drown it out.

Enjoy the video.


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