To my fellow Perfectionists, can I ask you a question?

Have you ever tried something before you felt all the way prepared, but it still went exceptionally well? Like for real, go ahead and think of a time…I’ll wait.

Got it?

Okay good, because I didn’t want to feel like I was the only one.

Were you nervous?

How did you feel when you were doing it?

I only ask because last week I did something that I felt ready to do, but I still felt a little unprepared to pull off: I hosted my own webinar.

Whaaat?! I know, I’m dropping the receipts to prove it:

Now, I’ve been delving into webinars for about a year…but just dipping my toe in the water and helping clients execute theirs. Although I publicly speak to others about taking control of their businesses (and ultimately their lives), energy translates TOTALLY differently through a screen in comparison to face to face interaction. A few things crossed my mind before I made the decision to put myself out there.

The Doubts

Would I talk too fast? (I talk a mile a minute!)

Do I need to prepare a presentation?

Who should I open this up to?

Would anyone come?

Finally I told myself, “You know what?! This is crazy! You’ve done this dozens of times, Ness (that’s what I call myself in my head). You’ll figure it out – just do it!”

So, I did.

I offered a specific group of small business owners an opportunity to attend an online session with me and do you know what?

People came.

They asked questions.

They felt empowered when we dismissed.

They gave amazing testimonials.

They requested MORE content.

They even wanted the REPLAY!

I’ll get into all the details of what I have cooking up on another blog, but just know I’m pumped now more than ever to complete something I have been pushing off for a year. I honestly couldn’t WAIT to send you this blog post because I want you to know that as much motivation as I kick out – I get nervous too. But I had to snap out of it!

I hope it encourages you and whether you know it or not, by being a member of the #MOXIETribe, you’re helping to hold me accountable. Do you want to know the quote that changed it all? Here it is:


You know by now, that execution and delivery are the name of the game. Whatever you have to do this week, I encourage you to place your perfectionism down and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Know that you don’t need any permission, but just incase you were waiting on a green light…here it is:

Send it.

Launch it.

Post it.

Ask for it.

Make the phone call.

Also note that once you make that decision, the clock starts ticking – so govern yourself accordingly (Come on, Church!).

Know that you are  super talented. Don’t let fear, perfection, or even paralysis by analysis keep you from fulfilling your purpose on this earth. You owe it to yourself and those around you to be all that you can be.


Hi, I'm Vannesia. I quit my job in 2016 because I knew I was purposed for more than tweeting. Now, I get to encourage creatives and entrepreneurs while helping them use what they have to level up in their life and business. Be careful, signing up to receive my messages may cause you to start believing in yourself. Only click the button if you're about that life.

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